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We have a number of options for one-to-one photography tuition. This is an invaluable way of getting help with your particular equipment and tailored to suit your level of experience. We have two main options:

Virtual 1-2-1: Online via a Zoom video call.

In-person 1-2-1: Held at Moulton College, Northants.

These sessions are generally held at the weekend.


Virtual 1-2-1:

Virtual one-to-one sessions are best suited to training that does not require ‘hands on’ and are primarily discussion based. These are limited to one-hour sessions to keep them focussed on a particular brief.

Image critiques: You could share a number of images on screen during the session and we can give pointers on possible things that could be improved next time. This is particularly useful for improving composition.

Mentoring: These sessions tend to be based more on a type of photography, for example if you are interested in getting into motorsport or wedding photography, or want tips and tricks for portraits, etc.

Please note that these virtual sessions are not well suited to beginners wanting to learn how to use their camera as a more ‘hands on’ approach is needed to demonstrate camera settings. Please consider our Part 1/Beginners group photography course instead.

Upon booking your preferred slot, we will email with a link that can be followed on the day to connect to the meeting at the agreed time. Please ensure that you have a suitable device, with a video camera, microphone and speakers built in, in order to take advantage of this option. Make sure that any images that you want to share and discuss are on that device.


In-Person 1-2-1:

These sessions can be tailored to your needs and experience level with a more personalised approach. However, if you are not familiar with the basic photographic principles of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, we would recommend that you undertake our Part 1/Beginners group photography course first, where we provide a day of structured tuition right from the basics up to a good level of photographic competency. A one-to-one session can then be used to extend knowledge in a particular photographic genre or perhaps to recap on some of the principles covered in the initial day course.

We have both two-hour and three-hour sessions available, usually at weekends.

Typical uses of a one-to-one session might be:

*  A more advanced look into a particular photographic genre such as portraits, landscapes, wildlife images, etc.

*  A recap on a particular topic from the Part 1 course that you might be struggling with.

*  A practical small flash session. (See also our comprehensive book and ebook on this subject.)

*  More advanced general techniques from our Part 2 course. (See also our DVD video on this subject.)

*  Photography tuition for cameras not usually supported by other courses (such as compacts or bridge cameras).

Free parking and tea/coffee is provided at the venue for these sessions.

Please note that we cannot deliver the contents of our Part 1 course in a single one-to-one session as there is simply too much to cover.


Five Star Google Review:
“I recently had a 3hr one to one session with Dennis and Matthew, it took my photography to another level. I now have a lot more confidence in quickly setting up my camera for each shot, I wish to thank them for a most enjoyable and instructive afternoon and would recommend a session to anyone wanting to improve their hobby.”
Graham P, Northampton.


Available Dates and Times:

Please note that 1-2-1 sessions are usually held at weekends with only very limited availability at other times. Upon receipt of your booking we will email a list of available dates/times for your session and agree the most mutually acceptable one. The session is not fully confirmed until we have confirmed the agreed date and time. If you are limited in available dates please advise us prior to booking and we can check accordingly.



In-person sessions at Moulton College are usually, but not always, held in ground floor rooms. There is some uneven ground in the areas used for practical sessions.

Please get in touch should you have any particular access concerns.



Please note our cancellation policy.



For details on how we handle personal information, please refer to our privacy policy.



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