Ensuring Image Sharpness – PDF Download


In this downloadable PDF ebook we explain the many reasons why your image may not be as sharp as you’d like it to be and how to counteract them.


Unless it is a creative decision otherwise, we generally want the subjects within our images to be sharp.

However, if all of the image or the wrong parts of the image are blurred or soft then the shot is likely to be ruined.

In this info-packed 10-page downloadable PDF article we identify the main causes of blurred or soft images and provides tips and techniques to ensure that your subjects are always sharp.

It is split into the following main sections:

* Camera Shake

* Subject Motion

* Focus Issues

* Lens Issues

* Sensor Issues

We explain what these reasons are and how to counteract them to ensure that the right bits of your image are as sharp as you intend them. It also gives advice on using tripods effectively and improving your panning technique.

The PDF file can be downloaded upon purchase. You will need software on your viewing device capable of reading PDF files, for example Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most devices will already have suitable software installed.