If you’re an aspiring model or dancer and would like to work with me, there are three options that might be of interest:

1) I pay you: This is the traditional modelling fee scenario. I will pay you for your time. Usually the images are just for my portfolio unless we agree some sort of commercial use (whereupon I will usually need you to sign a model release form). You will not receive any images but you can save or share images that I post from the session on my social media accounts.

2) You pay me: This is a commissioned photoshoot. You get the edited hi-res files to use for your own promotion / portfolio. I retain copyright in English law and can use them for my own promotion /portfolio unless we agree differently. I will not use them for other commercial purposes without agreement. As I retain copyright, you too may not use the images for any commercial purposes without my agreement. This includes passing the images to publications, suppliers, venues, etc.

3) Nobody gets paid: This is a collaboration photoshoot. We both give our time for free and we both get to use the resultant images for personal / promotion / portfolio uses. This is like the old TFP / TFCD method or model testing. Any fees, such as studio, are split. Please note that I have very little availability for this type of shoot, although if you have a strong look and an interesting idea then I may well be interested. If approaching me for this type of shoot then please include full details of what you’d like to do and some sample images of yourself so I can ascertain suitability for my own portfolio.

Hopefully that clarifies the ways in which we can work together. If you’re interested in a photoshoot, please email with details.