I am hugely honoured to announce that in May 2020 I have achieved Qualified Status with the Guild of Photographers, the major trade body for photographers in the UK.

Having won various awards for individual images and multiple lifetime memberships of ‘The Photographer’s Bar’ in various genres with the Guild over the last couple of years, I made it my goal this year to go for Qualified Status. When one joins the Guild, you join as a Registered Member however it is possible to attain ‘higher ranks’ through assessment.

To achieve Qualified Status you need to submit a carefully planned panel of 21 images taken by you within the last two years for assessment by a panel of five industry-expert judges. These judges scrutinise the images in the upmost detail to determine whether they meet the highly demanding standards for both artistic and technical criteria. I am very pleased to say that my panel was passed by the judges and therefore I can now display the above logo on my website and, most importantly, write the letters QGP after my name.

If you are interested, my panel of images is below. I arranged the images as seven groups of three with each group reflecting a different subject genre, style or technique. My photographic interests are very wide but for this panel I chose triptychs showing natural light fashion portraits, studio dance images, aircraft and big cats. The biggest challenge is deciding what to leave out!

Qualified Panel 1

Qualified Panel 2

Please note that as of April 2023 I am no longer a member of the Guild of Photographers, although I am very proud of the achievements made during my membership.